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Sacred Ragas $20

Ideal for Meditation
Sacred Ragas is a spiritual journey from the heart of Australia to the kingdom of bliss or “sat chit ananda”,  a Sanskrit word describing our true nature. 
Written, arranged and produced by Vicki Hansen and Ron Ragel and based on traditional Indian music, Sacred Ragas showcases the beauty and sanctity of Vicki's vocals, blended with traditional and contemporary instruments and sounds.
"Great cd, specially track 1 & 2. i love this artist, looking forward for new cd".  Saeed Ahmadi
 "As a professional massage therapist this is my favourite music to massage to. deeply soothing, rhythmical, meditative and divine. it gives you permission to detach, drift and discover your centre. a breath of calm. "
Selina, Gold Coast. Australia


Sacred Ragas


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