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Dakini $20

Female Buddhist Chants
  • Dakini   $20
‘DAKINI’ (Sanskrit): the female embodiment of enlightened energy.
‘Dakini’ is a unique collaboration between world-renowned Indian fusion duo, IndiaJiva, with Ayya Yeshe Bodhicitta.
Featuring the beautiful, rich voice of Ayya Yeshe, Dakini is a collection of ancient, time-honoured chants and mantras that strive towards the realisation of boundless compassion, loving kindness and unshakeable peace.
The practice of chanting and repeating mantras is a deep and profound undertaking. It is a communion with Archetypes of enlightenment and a reflection on the nature of compassion, emptiness and awakening itself.
The album is both a meditation and a blissful listening experience.
Proceeds from the album go towards Bodhicitta Foundation, a socially engaged organisation working to improve the lives of impoverished families in Nagpur, India




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