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Children of the Sun $20

World fusion
  • Children of the Sun    $20

An album of contemporary world rhythms and music, featuring African, Middle Eastern, Indian and Indigenous Australian sounds and percussion                                    "We suspected there was more music available from the Australian artist who had made the classic “Earth Heart” nearly ten years ago. And surely there is! “Children of the Sun” is a global music celebration based on a stage show that Vicki had been commissioned to provide music for. Half of the ten tracks feature only Vicki, playing keyboards, didgeridoo, voice, dun dun, cowbell, zils and flute. On the other half, she is joined by Blair Greenberg and Peter Kennard, collectively playing drums, congas, djembe, tabla, frame drum, timbale, darbuka & assorted percussion sounds. Obviously it's rhythmic, but not without layers of atmosphere and textures to move in and around the steady yet varying beats. 


Children of the Sun


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